(Source: CDC and ACSM)
Steps Conversion
Steps per minute varies from one resource to another. A review of the literature would suggest the following ranges based on exercise intensity:

Light activity: 60 to 100 spm (steps per minute)
Moderate activity: 100 to 120 spm
Vigorous activity: 150 to 200 spm

Description Sample Activities
walking slow, billiards, croquet, cooking, house cleaning, fishing, miniature golf, snowmobiling; shopping, bowling
Moderate Activity walking at 3.5 to 4 mph; dancing; swimming laps, weight lifting, volleyball, table tennis, bicycling under 10 mph, horseback riding
Vigorous Activity race walking, exercise classes (spinning, step, body pump, kickboxing), soccer, stairmaster, rowing machine, aerobic dance, football, playing in a basketball game, backpacking, circuit training
1 mile = approximately 2,000 steps.
The conversion calculator below is based on the highest number in each range.
*Whenever possible, use the pedometer.

  1. Choose your level of activity.
  2. Enter the number of minutes you performed the exercise
  3. Add the number to your pedometer total for the day.
Steps Per Minute
Total Steps